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Key People

Pure Professionalism


Evangelist Mary Barber


Mary Barber is driven to improve upon the devastating conditions of Humanity. As CEO of this Non-Profit Organization she is  focused on developing New Innovating Stratigies to our communities. Actively an Associate Minister at Center of Hope Community Church in Oakland she is committed to the Prayer Ministry, feeding Ministry and has a compelling dedication to help, encourage and support the homeless community. As an Ordained Minister Mary founded Jesus Christ Full Gospel Ministries in 2004. There, she provided counseling, temporary housing, food and shelter to the Sobrante Park Community. During that time she also partnered with Allen Temple Baptist Church providing access to educational resources for parolees and other city and county rehabilitation support, as well as Christian Counseling and support for societal re-entry of persons on parole through her work at Mary Barber Ministries. A passionate advocate for "Victims of the Street" Mary coupled her education with her experience by completing several courses at Nola Brantleys CSEC Classes "Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children". Currently a student at the International Faith Institute she is a Faith Based Counselor providing service's to Therapist, First Responders, Traumatized Victims and to those in need. With experience and integrity this Community Based Organization will safely serve our neighborhoods


Naomi Burks LMFT

Encouraging Hope Counseling Owner 

Experienced,Trustworthy and Dependable this Licensed Marriage Family Therapist safely hits the streets masked to Counsel Humanity. As a Trauma Specialist with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology Naomi believes in your potential to bloom just as the Lotus Flower. Her job as a Therapist is simply to assist you in finding your characteristics of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. She helps you firmly plant roots of self-confidence, strength, empathy, and self-love back into your life. When human beings undergo traumatic experiences, it is NOT uncommon for their lives to unravel. Ms. Burks helps you find healthy perceptions and strengthens relationships so you and your family know yourselves as peaceful, complete, safe and whole.


Ken Houston

The Beautification Council Co-Founder

Ken Houston has been serving the Bay Area well over 10+ years as the CEO of The Beautification Council since the day he and his business partner founded this Non-profit Organization. Making Oakland a better place, Ken Houston is committed to ending the decades-old blight in Oakland and taking back our Communities. With Empathy being one of his many gifts and driven by his purpose to help and support the homeless community he slept where they slept. As an Independent Contractor with Alameda County Ken Sweeps our streets clean from illegal dumpling to child safety concerns. He has been a key member of Mary Barber Ministries for over 25+ years applying his talents where ever needed. No assignment is too big or too small for this man of God to complete.  As Project Specialist he is committed to eradicating graffiti vandalism and illegal dumping. Our Mission is to revitalize without gentrifying. We bring our years of experience and skills to the forefront to create a footprint that will step from the Eastside to the Westside of Oakland. If you would like to walk alongside us in the trenches to help our organization grow and succeed don't hesitate to contact us.


Amela Edwards

I Can Braid it and So Much More Owner

Barbicide Certified Amela Edwards provides safe services to our Community. With us since our founding, this Veteran Specializes in braiding, weaving, and natural hair. With her gentle touch of over 15+ years of experience in hair care she creates sophisticated styles appropiate for every occasion. With years of serving the community with her talent, skills and experience she compliments this Ministries Goals with a polished complete look for Success! Her talents have had a major positive impact in helping our organization grow and succeed. 

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